Sanctification in Daily Work
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My Daily Prayers

It’s so important to be faithful in daily prayer but it’s sure not easy to do in a busy world and work day is it? However, we have the tools starting with our own memory. I’ve tried a lot of different tactics to make sure I remember the prayers that I choose to make as regular devotions. For example, I’ve made a laminated card to remind me to dedicate each hour of the work day to somebody or something. I’ve set a daily noon alarm on my phone to remind me to say the Angelus.

Speaking of the phone, I’m using mine more and more for this purpose. For example, on my iPhone I have the iBreviary app which is great for Morning and Evening Prayer and the daily Mass Readings. Besides those prayers I also have in my Liturgy of the Hours book a number of prayer cards that I say. Today I found them all online and pasted them into a pdf that I emailed to myself so that I can save them on my phone. This will save me traveling with a large, heavy book now!

In case you’re interested in what my daily prayer are besides Morning/Evening Prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours you can download the pdf file here: My Daily Prayers

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