Sanctification in Daily Work
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Mass is a Place of Hope

Jennifer at Et tu? has a wonderful post reflecting on the beauty of the Mass, not only seen in the breaking of the bread, but in the faithfulness of all those participating:

As I watched and listened to the now-familiar rituals of the Mass, I noticed the the serious, loving intensity with which our priest does his job; I saw people cross themselves in prayer every now and then, even when it wasn’t part of the ritual; I heard the deacon speak of people in great need, and every voice in the building echo his words, “the Lord hear our prayers”; I saw hundreds of people, almost everyone in the building, stand up out of respect for hearing the words of the Gospel; on the way out I walked past people who remained kneeling at their pews, whispering quietly to God.
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It is easy, especially for those of us attending Mass on a daily basis, to get too comfortable with the weekly routine and take for granted the awesome experience of the Holy Mass which is literally heaven on earth. I needed this post today…

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