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The Apps I Use The Most

After years of apps for mobile devices I’ve tried many of them that are faith related. I’ve pretty much narrowed them down to just a few.

The screenshot shows one of the newer ones I started using. It is The Examen Prayer by Father Michael Denk. “What’s the one most important prayer we should pray every day? St. Ignatius said you should never omit the Examen Prayer, also known as the Examination of Conscience, from your daily prayer.” It was recommended by my spiritual director and I use it primarily on my iPad and really like the journal feature.

Others include:

I still use my printed four volume Lituergy of the Hours when I’m home but these apps are what I’ve found to be the most handy while traveling. Most of my spiritual reading is now on my Kindle (app on iPad).

Put iBreviary on Your Website

iBreviaryWelcome to the new iBreviary website. My favorite app now has a very robust set of website features that includes being able to put it on your website.

iBreviary for your website:

Do you want to put IBreviary on your website or blog? Do you want to give your visitors the chance to pray on your site? iBreviary can be inserted through a simple window (installation of additional software is not required) within your website.

In this way you offer your visitors the opportunity to pray online and spread the beauty of Catholic Prayer through your website / blog.
You can also use your site for your daily prayer online

Follow Coverage of the Conclave of Cardinals

Let’s look at some ways to follow legitimate news about the selection of our new Pope. I say legitimate because there is so much speculation and supposed news reporting that just shows a world out of touch with faith and especially the Catholic faith. I’m sure the Cardinals really appreciate media stars telling them what they need to consider when making this very important decision, not! We’re seeing it all from advice on how we should have a Pope who is a better business man to a Pope who needs to be more liberal. No where do you see these news stories talk about the need to pray for our Cardinals, that God does watch over His Church, that we need not be afraid and that we need to let our faith guide us during this time.

Cardinal Conclave

Okay, so how do we follow what is happening in Rome? How about starting with the Vatican News? They are about as close to the action as you can get. And they will have special coverage of the conclave.

Here’s a Vatican Radio report on what will happen this coming Tuesday: Vatican Radio Report

The Pope AppThen there’s the Pope App. Get it for your iOS or Android device. How’s this for transparency?

An app focused on the figure of the Pope. It will allow you to follow his events live and to set up alerts notifying you when papal events begin.

It will also give you access to all official papal-related content in a variety of formats: news and official speeches, galleries with the latest images and videos, access to his calendar, and links to other services of the Holy See.

Additionally, the app will let you see key areas of the Vatican through webcams distributed throughout St. Peter’s Square that are always broadcasting images.

Vatican Radio AppYou can also follow Vatican News on Twitter @NewsVa_En, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

And there is a Vatican Radio app for your iOS or Android devices.

And of course there’s always L’OSSERVATORE ROMANO and EWTN.

There are so many ways to get better information than you’ll find in the media of today. Now you know what I’ll be following.

Evangelizo App

I like an app that does one thing very well. The Evangelizo App fits.

Catholic service: Daily Gospel, the gospel, the readings, the saints, the prayers, in 10 languages : French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, German, Arabic, Italian, Polish, Armenian

You can find it:

iTunes Store

Android Market
Mobile Browser Friendly Version

I’ve got it on my iPhone and Droid Razr.

iBreviary “Pro Terra Sancta” HD

I finally upgraded to the new iBreviary app on my new iPad. This great app just keeps getting better. It looks beautiful on the iPad screen and has even more to offer. See description below. This is one of the apps I use the most on either my iPhone or iPad. Get it in the iTunes store.

iBreviary “Pro Terra Sancta” is the application that brings the traditional Catholic prayer of the Breviary and all the texts of the Liturgy on your iPhone and iPad. iBreviary “Pro Terra Sancta” wants to contribute, through a partnership with Custody of the Holy Land, friendship and prayer for all Christians living Holy Places.

iBreviary is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and contains:
– Breviary, Missal and Lectionary complete in 7 languages and continuously updated
(Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian, English and Latin)
– The text of the Breviary and the Missal in the Vetus Ordo Ambrosian Rite and Latin
– All the main prayers of the Christian
– Rituals for the sacraments and celebrations
– The liturgical texts used in the Holy Land
Also iBreviary “Pro Terra Sancta” offers, than the first version of iBreviary:
– The new section, “Rites”, with all the rituals and texts for the various celebrations
Catholic (Adoration of the Eucharist, the Sacraments, Blessings, etc.).
– The brand new “Terra Sancta” the liturgical texts used in the Holy Land
– Keep in touch through the blog and the pages of the Franciscans
Holy Places.
– A rich section dedicated to Saints
– Store a day on any device
– Full management of saved days (selection and cancellation)
– Unlimited storage days (something very much in demand by those who want to download
a bit ‘of days for travel or long period without internet access from your iPhone /
– Instantly download the entire week (continuing to quietly
use the application without having to wait for the download).
– Enlarge and diminish the character of the text, with the flick of the fingers
on the screen (Pinch-to-Zoom)
– The ability to adjust the color of the background for a better
reading of texts
– Application Languages: Italian, Inglese, Español, Deutsch, Française, Românã
– Content Languages: Italian, Inglese, Español, Français, Român?, Latinum
– Languages constantly updated content.
– A new graphical interface