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Check Vatican News Before Believing What Media Say

Vatican NewsI’ve lost track over the years about what used to be “the media” picking out a phrase from what the Pope says in interviews, audiences and writings. So many people just assume that what the read or hear is true and they don’t check the source.

Our church pastor has told us over and over to always go to the source – Vatican News. Every time I do so I see that the Pope is being taken out of context. That doesn’t mean that I necessarily like what he says about things that are not of church dogma. But at least I understand better what he is trying to say. I’ve lived through several popes and I know this is true of all of them.

I could give you several examples but if you just look and listen to what Pope Francis is saying and then go check on the documents in Vatican News you will find the truth. That’s my experience and I hope it will be yours.

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