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Some of My Thoughts on the COVID Debacle

This week my Knights of Columbus council held its monthly meeting. I am currently the Lecturer for the council. So, I provide information for the good of the order on a variety of topics. This week my conscience required me to say the following as my report. This is an edited version, and we had a good discussion following it. So, here it goes.

I must point out the obvious first, which is that the devil is alive and well in the world and he is causing some of the worst atrocities we’ve ever seen.

So firstly, let’s start with abortion. It is a major issue we as Knights work on. That is to save the unborn. Don’t dwell on it and how many have been murdered because it will just drive you crazy.

That leads us to the main thing I want to bring up which is the vaccines for this Covid virus. I have been traveling quite a bit lately and have had many people asking me lots of questions about this topic. Many of those conversations were uncomfortable because people are so emotional about the issue.

My wife, Cindy and I are trained journalists by college and career. We’ve done lots of research since March, 2020 on this topic. We’ve never seen such a convoluted mess of misinformation and lies. And what really rankles us as Catholics is how the vaccines have been created, tested, and produced. All of them have used fetal tissue from what was originally tissue from an aborted baby. A long time ago at this point. They basically clone it to make it simple to explain how they continue that “line” of tissue. Only one uses fetal tissue in the actual production process and that is the J&J one regardless of what you may have heard. That’s why the bishops have had a real problem with that one. However, all the vaccines we have come about because of an aborted baby’s tissue. The fact that it was ever used encourages other researchers to use that kind of tissue and that should be illegal everywhere in the world.

We know what the Pope and bishops have said. Many bishops will not endorse any of their use. But the majority have told us we can feel okay to get the shots. If you’re familiar with the term remote cooperation, then you might understand how they can allow this. Look it up if you don’t know.

I personally oppose these vaccines. I get asked if I have been vaccinated and I say it’s nobody’s business but my own. Think HIPPA. I most especially oppose the mandates of any type, anywhere. If I were to lose clients over this, then so be it. And I have!

The virus is a horrible thing. Like many of you, I know people who have had it. I have had it. I have family and friends who have had it, including dying and that goes for from the vaccines too. It is especially horrible for young people I know, or know of, who have either died from getting the shots or their life will never be the same and they will not be able to have the career they were planning to have. And check the current suicide rates and how many people of all ages are suffering from severe anxiety and depression.

The whole thing is diabolical IMO. We not only don’t know the long-term effects of the vaccines, but of the virus itself. IMO proper testing was not done, and I am especially horrified that the authorities are now making 5-to 12-year-olds have the shots. Something they do not need. My career has been in agricultural communication, and I have learned and reported a lot on new plant varieties or products for animals. I’ve been in labs from here to Germany and many other countries. I know what has been required to get a new vaccine or other product to obtain what we call FDA approval. I think there is something much worse happening than the deaths this virus has caused and we’re going to see it more and more. The mandates are just the start.

That’s basically what I wanted to say tonight. There is so much more. But I won’t go into things like the murder rates, child slavery, illegal aliens who have not even been tested for Covid, bused all over the country, and I am sure we’re seeing them in Pensacola, school curriculums, the LBGTQ movement, climate change, political division. On and on. We need a lot of prayer. So, I will just finish that we have powerful prayer tools to use, like the rosary I spoke of last time I was here.

I thought this would be good for the order because it is the main topic I hear anybody I know talking about and wanted to provide information I hope you can trust and let you know I will always be available to discuss further any time.

One Response to “Some of My Thoughts on the COVID Debacle”

  1. Scott
    February 23rd, 2022 | 12:49 pm

    Chuck, I appreciate your take on the situation. the pursuit of Truth demands our full attention and it takes courage to stand firm on principle to the point of personal loss but what else is a rational mind good for if not thinking? The Catholic Church has and will always teach that Grace builds on nature, therefore, practising the human virtues brings about more Grace. This as you already know makes us happy in the midst of suffering. You’re a good man. Keep at it and thanks for the article!

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