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The True Story of Christopher Columbus

True Story of Christopher ColumbusIt is Columbus Day and a good time to learn more about Christopher Columbus. There is certainly a lot of misinformation about this man and the times he lived in. As a member of the Knights of Columbus I’ve learned a lot more about him and am glad that the organization has gone to considerable effort to chronicle why we have Columbus Day.

Here’s a good example of where you can learn more about Christopher Columbus. It is documentary you can watch on the Knights of Columbus website:


The voyages of Christopher Columbus were a watershed moment in the history of human civilization. Like every encounter, or new day, they offered a world of possibilities.

Narrated by actor Chazz Palminteri, Courage and Conviction is a 30 min. documentary that offers insight into Christopher Columbus’ remarkable journey, facts on the encounter of civilizations, details on the origins of Columbus Day and context behind the affinity many immigrants have for Columbus. Finally, the film addresses elements of cancel culture and currents that would prefer to rewrite history based on false accusations. Courage and Conviction shows why Christopher Columbus remains not only a man worthy of admiration, but a noble icon of what it means to be a Catholic and an American.

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