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Visiting with Family

ZimmermansAs my wife and I get older we are needing to spend more time with our parents. I’ve talked with a number of friends who are doing the same. In the last month Cindy has been able to spend time with her Mother who wasn’t feeling good. She’s much better now.

Neither of our parents live close to us so it is a long drive in opposite directions. I spent several days with my parents and other family members last weekend. They are pictured here after Sunday Mass.

We’re both finding out what we can and need to do for our parents. They are closing in on 90 and need help with house/yard maintenance, discussing end of life plans and I’ve been surprised that they are asking questions and looking to us to help find answers. Cindy and I are already making plans for our next visits.

On my trip last week I was able to visit my sister who is in assisted living due to several strokes. I had not seen her in more than a year and it just so happened that the week before we got there the facility started allowing people inside to visit. I went with my Mother and other sister. It was a wonderful and emotional time. I believe God answered my prayers that we would have a nice visit and be able to spend some time with her.

There are some challenges to overcome helping my parents like near total loss of hearing on my Dad’s part and just the physical shape they are in. As I’ve heard, “No one said it would be easy, but it would be worth it.”

It is easy to get caught up in my work or my own family which now includes grand children with a new one on the way. But I am making a commitment to help take care of my aging parents however I am able.

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