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Time with Grand Babies

Time with Grand BabiesWhen you live in Florida and your grand babies live in Missouri you don’t get to see them very often or for long. Cindy and I used some airline miles to make the trip last week and spent some quality time which included touring Talking Rocks Cavern.

These young ones could care less about what’s happening in the world. They just want to play and ask lots of questions. And for us, we had a few days where we didn’t have to deal with all the things that have been challenging, like our business, staying upbeat, letting go of worry and a lot more.

We think it’s important to stay close to all our family, young and old. It isn’t always easy, especially since our family is scattered around the country. But we’re committed to continuing to find time to visit. And if we can’t be there in-person then we try to make regular phone calls to stay in touch.

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