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Live Streaming Easter Sunday Mass

Easter MassIt has been my privilege to assist with the live streaming of our liturgies at the Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel for several weeks now. I did so again yesterday for our Easter Mass. Before that we did the full Easter Triduum.

This Mass was special because my wife, Cindy, came with me to do one of the readings. For the most part it has been just Father, me and Michael our music leader. Cindy and I have long tried to attend Mass every day that we can. This isolation situation has been a hardship that way. But putting my work skills to good use has allowed me to still participate and at the same time bring the Mass to many other people locally and from around the world. I think that right now we have about 1,400 views of the Mass and that doesn’t count where more than one person was watching.

I hope and pray that the quarantine will be lifted soon and we see an end of this pandemic situation. I pray also for all the people who have been impacted in some terrible ways that include loss of life, loss of jobs/businesses, loneliness and depression.

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