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A Break From Summer Travel

Here’s a photo inside of St. Eric’s Cathedral (or the Katolska Domkyrkan) in Stockholm, Sweden. I attended Mass there two weeks ago on a business trip to the annual International Federation of Agricultural Journalists Congress. I actually attended a Saturday evening Mass which was in English. They did not follow the new Mass prayers but it was very nice anyway.

This summer has been a non-stop back to back business travel adventure that started with our move to Florida from Missouri. Finally getting a break and none too soon IMO. Hopefully I can get back on a schedule to do some posts here. When you blog for a living on about 10 different ones it’s a little difficult to spend all the time and attention you’d like to your own very personal one.

Maybe I’ll find the time to write some of my thoughts on the extreme amount of political correctness BS that is permeating the media and social media these days as we get closer to the next Presidential election. It’s kind of at a fever pitch don’t you think?

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