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More Pensacola Churches

Here are pictures from two more Pensacola churches we’ve visited recently. This one is the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in downtown Pensacola.

Downtown is about a 25 minute or so drive depending on traffic. I attended a weekday early morning Mass here last week. I’d like to find the time to visit our Diocesan office and meet our new Bishop! I had thought of asking him for his suggestion of a new spiritual director but he’s so new I wonder if he’s actually met all the priests in our diocese. The pastor at St. Mary’s where we’ve been going to morning Mass most often suggested I meet with his new associate in July. We’ll see . . .

Another downtown church is the Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel. I made it to a noon Mass here and love this church.

Canonically established in 1781, the parish of St. Michael the Archangel has served the Catholic congregation in Northwest Florida for over 230 years. In recognition of its historic significance, St. Michael Church was inaugurated as a basilica in 2012. It is our Mission to continue to celebrate the word of Christ through service in the historic and traditional warmth of a growing and diverse parish.

So this church was just named a Basilica this year! It is a minor basilica and was designated this January.

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