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ALETEIA Christian Social Network

Here’s an example of how social media is being used to help spread the Gospel as called for by Pope Benedict. I found a reference to it in today’s Vatican Information Service email which mentions a conference taking place in Rome titled, “From Parables to Twitter.” Not that sounds interesting all by itself. Here’s what ALETEIA is about:

ALETEIA is the first multi-lingual online community that offers Questions and Answers about the Catholic faith, life and society.

Here you can find answers to the most pressing questions on current events, the Pope, prayer, science, history, etc…

Aleteia is a Rome-based private initiative of lay Catholics who wish to answer Benedict XVI’s appeal to spread the Gospel through new media. To this end, Aleteia cooperates closely with the Pontifical Council for Social Communications and the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization.

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