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CatholicConExpo 2012

For those of you who are wondering how you can use social networking and new media as a mechanism to evangelize in today’s digital world, consider an event like the 2012 CatholicConExpo. I’m planning to attend since those dates are open on the calendar right now. Here’s what the event is about.

At the Second Vatican Council, we are taught that Jesus Christ and He alone fully reveals man to himself. Jesus Christ, the Word Made Flesh, is the Perfect Communicator of God, His creation, His plan, and our place in it.

At CatholiCon 2012, we will meet Christ, The Perfect Communicator through the Church’s Liturgy, both Ancient and New, through the teaching of the Catholic Faith in the Theology of Communications Track, through the concrete skills of evangelization in the Content of Communications Track and through the nuts and bolts of making the tech work in the Methods of Communications Track.

The schedule is still being created at this time but you can go ahead and get registered now.

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