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Fall Deer Hunt

I love this time of year. Hunting season. After a great pheasant hunt a few weeks ago, I got back this week from what probably is my last deer hunt in Missouri. The property that I’ve hunted on for 20 years is up for sale after the owner passed away earlier this year. It may not sell soon at the price they’re asking but it’s kind of hard to plan on a hunt when you don’t know who will own your location.

My former business partner from Florida and friend along with my brother from Georgia and two of his sons hunted with me again this year. My nephew/Godson Luke was the main deer slayer with a massive ten pt. buck and a couple of does. I got an eight pt. and a doe. It was a wonderful time to get some outdoor exercise and just get away from “things.” I love sitting in the woods, saying my rosary or other prayers and just having some very quiet time with our Lord. That’s the best part!

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