Sanctification in Daily Work
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Retreat Notes

I’ve been tweeting notes from my retreat and thought I’d share some of them to date in case you missed them:

  • “Is my prayer a heart to heart conversation with God?”
  • “Read the Bible like it’s an email from God. Download it with prayer.”
  • “I communicate with God the Father by meditating on the life of Christ.”
  • “If my work is making demands that keep me from my daily devotions then I need to make a change.”
  • “Our earthly experiences pass and are gone. Only Christ lasts forever. Are we prepared for death?”
  • “Contemplate the reality of death & judgement. Fear not loving enough, not divine retribution, although it is real.”
  • “The real poor, the real poverty is lack of love of God. What is the meaning of the hope within you?”
  • “We are in armageddon. It’s spiritual warfare. Millions of unborn being killed, human engineering, etc.”
  • “Announce the resurrection by who you are rather than what you say.”
  • “Jesus shows us Joseph. A son reflects the father.”
  • “Hey guys, what is it that your wife dislikes about you? Is she right?”
  • “Repentance is the spring board for complete change.”
  • “A mediocre Catholic cannot convince anyone that a life of Christ is more fulfilling than a life of sensual pleasure.”
  • “Christ wants you to be an apostle. That’s what it means to be Catholic.”
  • “Start by invoking the Holy Spirit. His job is to lead us to Jesus and to become like Jesus.”
  • “The retreat is a time to pray, to communicate personally with God. If we don’t, we’ve wasted our time.”

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