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More Churches on the Road

I’ve done a little road work the past week or so. Week before last I was in Arlington, VA and was able to attend Mass at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More. I’ve been there before but not since when I worked for the Vitae Foundation. That’s been over seven years ago. It’s hard to believe my company is now over seven years old.

This past week I was in Des Moines, IA and attempted to go to a morning Mass downtown before an 8am mtg. I tried St. Ambrose Cathedral first but there is only a noon Mass. Next I tried St. John’s Basilica. Same schedule. I don’t know why I find that hard to believe. A Cathedral and a Basilica and neither one has a morning Mass on a weekday? I wound up saying my morning prayers outside the Basilica in front of this little grotto with Mary.

I also traveled to Albany, NY at the end of the week and attended Mass at Christ Our Light in Loudonville. It used to be St. Francis de Sales. I didn’t bother taking a photo. It was the first Mass I’ve ever been to where at least half the people walked directly out from receiving communion. I was attending a 4pm Saturday Mass. People just left in droves. But if you had been there and seen the scarcity of reverence for the church and loose interpretation of the norms you might understand.

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