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Learn More About There Be Dragons

We’re getting closer to the theater release of “There Be Dragons.” Have I mentioned that before? We’d love to see it in mid Missouri but so far no theater has it scheduled. That doesn’t mean we’re not trying though.

My wife and business partner had the opportunity today to speak with Paul Lauer, CEO, Motive Entertainment, the promotional company for the movie. Paul’s company also did the promotion for the Mel Gibson movie, “The Passion of the Christ.”

Paul says the movie is an “epic adventure.” He describes the main characters that include the saint, Josemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei. He says opening week plans include being on hundreds of screens nationwide with reactions being very high in the faith community. Critics reactions have been mixed but he says that was true with the Mel Gibson movie too. Pauls says that Director Roland Joffe at first planned to turn down the movie but after seeing a dvd of St. Josemaria talking to a group of people he changed his mind. He doesn’t think we’ve ever had a movie with a canonized saint shown in such a “genuinely human portrayal.”

Tthe movie does a very good job of showing the character of Opus Dei, the Work of God, according to Paul and people I know who have seen a screening of the movie. Paul explains exactly how that comes across in his interview with Cindy. It’s all about living holiness in the everyday life we all have to live through. I can’t wait to see it!

You can listen to the interview here: Paul Lauer Interview

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