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Annual Retreat

Opus DeiIt’s time for my annual retreat and I’m ready to go. I don’t know how many years I’ve been attending an annual retreat put on by the Wespine Study Center in St. Louis but it’s a lot. The Opus Dei center supplies a priest who gives a series of talks or meditations over three days. We have Mass and the priest is available for spiritual direction and confession. It’s also a silent retreat. No talking to the other guys. Just listening to the meditations and spending time in prayer and contemplation. I love it.

I call this my time to recharge the spiritual batteries that get a little worn down sometimes in the face of all the world throws at you. It’s good to just get away from it all and do some serious interior examination and make some new resolutions. This year is also special for me because Pope John Paul II will be beatified Sunday while I’m still on retreat. He passed away when I was on retreat and I personally met him years before that. You can bet I’ll be communicating with him in prayer!

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