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Living In A Fiction Novel

Is it just me or does the news today read like a fiction novel? The stories we’re seeing are surrealistic. What kind of stories? How about the stories about the billions and billions of dollars being “given” away, right here at home, overseas, just about any where you look. No matter what source you look at it’s clear there is no money to be given away by our government. So where is it coming from? I have no idea and no one I know does either. By some estimates I’ve read, just the stimulus money can never be repaid much less items like the $500 million just announced as U.S. aid to Pakistan from a $7.5 billion package approved by Congress last year. Sounds to me like there will be 500 new millionaires in Pakistan.

Are people so far removed from personal responsibility and common sense that they can’t function without the government supplying them with money for everything? How about health care? Why should our government supply health care to anyone? Why does it become government’s responsibility?

I could make a long list of stories that defy reason but all you have to do is look at the news to see stories for yourself. From ideas like animals having rights to sue humans (they actually voted on this in Switzerland) to the idea that we should tax people for creating carbon emissions due to global warming, it seems like we’re living in a world dominated by insane people. I think the reality is we’re living in a world with a growing number of people who have no grounding in faith in God. You don’t see God and faith mentioned in news today unless it’s just to point out what church someone belongs to as a side note to a story or in a negative way like blame for something.

Besides these things it seems like people today are constantly feeling panic. Of course if you listen to the news much you’ll hear the word “crisis” applied to just about everything. We don’t have a crisis except a crisis of loss of faith. With true faith in God there is no need to worry or feel threatened by anything and that includes where your next meal is coming from or whether the Gulf of Mexico will still have fish living in it tomorrow.

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