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iMissal iPhone App

After Mass this morning I was talking to a couple and the subject of mobile phones came up. Turns out they had been wondering why I was looking at my iPhone during Mass. As the wife put it, “I was thinking, Can’t he leave that alone during Mass?” It gave me a good chuckle but at the same time made me realize how many people aren’t aware of what new technology can do today. So I used it as a teaching moment and they were amazed.

So, here’s the app that I was using. iMissal by Cantcha, Inc. It has become one of the apps I use frequently since I go to daily Mass. It’s very solid and contains much more than just the daily readings. Here’s a full list:

Here is what is included in iMissal:

1) A complete Missal:

Liturgical Calendar: Full calendar displaying all of the liturgical seasons. The calendar is color coded based on liturgical season and shows Holy Days of Obligation, Solemnities, Major Feasts, Saints, etc. Calendar is currently available for years 1990 – 2050.

Mass Readings: All the Mass Readings for every liturgical cycle (A,B,C,I,II) are included! This includes First Reading, Psalm, Second Reading, Alleluia, and Gospel for all Sunday and Weekday Masses. Reading text is always available for every day, no WIFI connection necessary. Uses translations officially approved for Mass in the U.S. Great resource for Lectors.

** The liturgical texts provided in iMissal are used with the permission of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine and the International Committee on English in the Liturgy. They are the official texts approved for use in the dioceses of the United States by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. Beware of other applications which use other translations and cost much more.

Audio of the Mass Readings. Audio is only available for more recent dates (sliding window of aprx. 30 days). * WIFI connection required for optimal playback of audio files.

Order of Mass: Ever wish you could follow along in Mass and have all the prayers, responses, etc. available. Now you can. Great for RCIA candidates that are new to the faith.

Mass Videos: Cantcha, Inc. has teamed up with and now provides videos of the Mass for you to watch. * WIFI connection is required for optimal playback of videos. Videos are of high quality.

2) Our Daily Bread:

Get a unique Bible verse for every day of the year displayed on 20 plus beautiful backgrounds. * No WIFI connection is necessary.

These verses have been hand selected from some of the most popular. Also included are some obscure verses you may have not seen before.

Choose from three different Bible translations:

-) NAB Bible – New American Bible
-) NIV Bible – New International Version
-) KJV Bible – King James Version

Bible translations can be easily switched to compare differences between translations.

* Save your favorite verses for later reference.
* Search on any word across all verses to quickly find your favorites.
* If you miss a day you can easily go back to view previous verses.
* Mix it up by pushing the random button to get new verse each time.
* Email any verse (w/o background) to your friends and family with a push of a button.

3) Prayers:

Over 80 of the most popular Catholic prayers are included.
Email your favorite prayers to your friends.

Thousands of pages of scripture. Buying the equivalent text in your book store can cost a lot more than the price of this application.

We have a lot of additional content planned for iMissal – stay tuned and God Bless.

One Response to “iMissal iPhone App”

  1. January 3rd, 2011 | 6:01 pm

    I got this ap for Christmas (with the iphone).

    The only problem I found – and maybe I am not using it correctly – where do I get the entrance antiphon and communion antiphon from?

    And, the Eucharistic prayer was difficult to follow/keep up with because of the way it is saved in parts.

    This combined with the SJM ap (and Nigella’s quick cooking ap) … makes me very hAPpy.

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