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Pray For An End To Contraception

According to a story in USA Today, the birth control pill turns 50 on Mother’s Day. That is so ironic and sad. And there are so many things wrong with this story that I won’t even try to point them all out. In typical biased reporting the story makes wild unsubstantiated claims that show the author’s viewpoints on the topic of contraception.

Here are a couple of excerpts: “It became a symbol of women’s rights . . . ” “But the consensus among both physicians and sociologists is that a girl who is promiscuous on the pill would have been promiscuous without it.” The author claims the pill did not spark the sexual revolution. I’m sure she had scientific evidence of that too although none is cited. She also writes about Margaret Sanger as if she’s some kind of hero. Sanger looked at birth control and abortion as ways to get rid of unwanted people especially of inferior races, at least in her opinion.

This is really just a sad commentary on our society. The article doesn’t point out that STD’s, single mothers and abortions have all sky rocketed during the time since the pill was put on the market. It makes no reference to faith. And this is where I think things have gone so wrong. So many people have left their Christian faith behind. They don’t look to it for guidance. They don’t want to follow it. They don’t see themselves as God’s children. They are only concerned about themselves. There is plenty to find in scripture on this subject. Look at St. Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians as an example. I won’t quote verse here. You’ve probably got a Bible that I hope you read.

If people would follow their faith we wouldn’t have to be concerned with equality. Husbands are taught to love and respect their wives and vice versa. There never will be equality in the sense that I think many woman activists think of it. Men can’t have babies. That’s a pretty big difference and no amount of “control” over their bodies will change it.

To get a really good perspective from a woman’s point of view I would encourage you to read this news story quoting Dr. Janet Smith on this subject. She says:

Also, “it is really, patently absurd for women to be putting chemicals in their body to correct a condition that is not a defect.

“Fertility is a perfectly healthy condition,” Smith emphasized.

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