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Real Men Pray The Rosary

There are a number of rosary apps in iTunes for your iPhone. Chelsea pointed me to the iRosary which I downloaded and installed last night. I will use it when I say my rosary today!

Speaking of saying the rosary, did you know that Real Men Pray The Rosary? They do according to a post on the Wall Street Journal. That led me to the RMPTR site. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Our goal at RMPTR is to do our part to keep the devotion to praying the Rosary alive and well in our time. In a world filled with fast – paced distractions and ubiquitous technology, we would like to encourage people to unplug from time to time, to share in something that doesnít need electricity or an LCD screen. Just a clear mind for prayer and meditation on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Perhaps even daily?

This site is an invitation to ALL Christian men and women (the Rosary is not just for Catholics!)to experience the peaceful joy of praying the Rosary. We invite you to share in this journey with our Rosary community.

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