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Happy Easter

Images like this one are too often the main focus of people today when it comes to Easter. Coloring Easter eggs and eating chocolate bunnies are nice ways to celebrate but they sure aren’t all we should contemplate today.

On one of my annual retreats which seem to often happen during Lent the priest called Easter “the greatest event to ever happen in the world.” Jesus rising from the dead. I’ve never forgotten that.

We see lots of media outlets come up with their lists of the top events of the year, decade or century. However, nothing can compare to what happened on this day so long ago. Nothing ever will. It’s impossible.

So today, when we enjoy our candy and big meals (those who can) let’s also take time to meditate on what God has done for us. He sent His Son as our savior to redeem us from our sins since we can’t do it by ourselves. Of course we often think we can control our lives and destiny but that’s just human arrogance. We should try to live our lives as Jesus taught us and look to His mercy when we fall down or stray from the path to holiness. That’s the gift He offered and we can choose to accept.

I don’t know about you but I look forward to the time I can join Him in Heaven and I pray every day that I will be able to. I can’t imagine anything that could ever happen in the world that could top what Jesus did for us on this day since it allows us to accomplish this goal.

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