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The Myth of Global Warming

I hate to even bring this subject up but the hysteria over the myth called global warming really reached a fever pitch with the complete waste of time/money in Copenhagen recently foisted by the United Nations. The problem with this issue is that even though anyone with a brain and common sense who looks into it finds that it’s a myth, we’re still being bombarded by advertising and constant media pressure to “do something.” Hence, the U.S. House climate change bill for example. Fortunately our Senate has put it on a back burner and maybe will just let it die. The legislation is called Cap and Trade and would be a horrendous disaster for our country (like the pending health care legislation that no one wants).

Man made global warming does not exist as far as I can tell. There is huge disagreement in the scientific community on the whole subject of climate change. But we’re still being fed a very inconvenient lie. Why?

Well, I think it’s because global warming is a religion to many activists. This means they are forming their belief via faith and in the process turning a blind eye to fact. But they are really a minority. The masses that show up in polls as supporting the religion of global warming are for the most part very clueless. They hear a few emotional messages and think, “we’ve got to save the planet.” That seems to me to be the height of arrogance. Our time here on Earth has been a little blip on its history. It has managed quite well without us and will continue to regardless of what we do. Many of these activists have a vested interest in creating a public that fear’s for its future. Take Al Gore as probably the biggest example. The reality is that many of these folks are just plain evil and have evil plans. One of the biggest is a guy named Paul Ehrlich. These folks just want to get rid of people and don’t care if it’s done by abortions, forced sterilization or starving people on purpose.

Maybe you’re one of the people who has been mislead by global warming hysteria. Here’s a resource you can check to find out some scientific information on the myths of global warming. Another great source is the Hudson Institute and Dennis Avery. Read his latest column here.

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