Sanctification in Daily Work
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New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year and welcome to a new decade.

It’s that time when a lot of people make resolutions. Resolutions are a very good thing and I highly recommend that you always have some kind of active resolution. It’s also a good thing to review how you’re doing with your resolution. This is very similar to doing a daily examination of conscience. We should all resolve to do our best to live as Christ would like us but no matter how hard we try we aren’t perfect. So taking a short look at how we’re doing helps us keep our goal on the top of our mind and it’s during that examination that we can formulate resolutions to make changes in our behavior or activities if needed.

So, have you made any resoulutions? You don’t need to make many and making just one and working on it might be best. I’m finalizing mine and will write them down and make sure I have a convenient place to review them periodically.

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