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Driving By a Church in Cairo

Church in CairoI just got home yesterday after a 12 day trip to Morocco, Egypt and Jordan. Let’s just say that going to Mass presented a big challenge. I was in Cairo over last weekend and had been assured that there was a Catholic church next to the hotel. It proved to be an Episcopal Cathedral after a couple of the guys in my group and I went there on Sunday for a 6pm Mass in English. There was actually supposed to be a Catholic church nearby. We walked for almost an hour trying to find it until we became uncomfortable with the neighborhood we were walking in at that point.

usgc-corn-egypt-09-680-1So, I didn’t make it to Mass and was highly disappointed. The closest I came to a church that I could identify as Catholic for the rest of the trip was the one pictured here that we passed on a highway in Cairo.

I am seriously looking forward to attending Mass today!

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