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Back From Posting Break

The last few weeks have been a blur of activity that has included an 11 day road trip. Of course I did get some tweets posted but a lot of the time I wasn’t even in good internet access (during annual deer hunt).

I’ve got to say that a week in the woods provides some excellent time for personal reflection. I didn’t read a paper, listen to or watch the news and wasn’t even online much. It was a refreshing break from all the insanity and negativity we see around us every day now.

I believe we’re in for a bad time here in America. In the last few decades there has been a general moral decline in our country which has led to all manner of activity that once was considered illegal and immoral. But even with all the bad things we have going on, there is still truth and it can still be found by following Jesus Christ.

Let’s use the current health care reform bills as an example of evil happening right now. I haven’t read the bills. Who actually can or has? But some people have taken it upon themselves and all I’ve read and heard, by both sides of the political spectrum, is bad. This legislation will put a nail in the coffin of quality health care in America and it probably will happen. We have way too many people in Congress who have sold their souls for power and greed. They don’t care that this legislation will hurt small businesses and add to a budget deficit that will never be overcome in our lifetime or probably that of our children. I fear for the world that my kids will have to live in after I’m gone. In fact, I’m not too crazy about what it will be like before I’m gone!

I don’t believe we’ve seen the full effects of the economic problems yet. Governments at all levels are nearly bankrupt as they continue to grow and none of them are practicing fiscal responsibility. We’re going to see the effect of this big time in the coming years. There is not enough money in the world for what government is trying to do. And basically, I think government is trying to take away all our freedom so we can feel good about no longer having personal responsibility for anything. That’s what happens when true religion disappears.

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