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Pray For Future Priests On Twitter

Archbishop EijkHere are a couple of Twitter feeds you should start following. One is for Archbishop Eijk of Utrecht and the other is for The Archbishop has issued a call for prayers for vocations on Twitter.

If you’re Twitter savvy just use the #futurepriests hash tag in your tweets.

On Friday, June 19, Dutch Archbishop Eijk of Utrecht asked the world to join in prayer for vocations to the priesthood – using Twitter. Using one of the computers of the archdiocesan seminary in Utrecht, the bishop launched a ‘Global Twitter Campaign for Vocations’ by posting a call for prayer on the fast-growing social network. In his message, he invites his Twitter-followers to spread the initiative around the world.

“The world is in dire need of priests to celebrate the Eucharist, the heart and the source of our faith,” the archbishop said. “We want to join the Holy Father at the start of this ‘Year of the Priest’ by answering Jesus’ call to pray for workers to bring in the harvest (Luke 10:2). Twitter is one of the fastest growing social networks in the world, so it’s a great medium to get many people involved in this prayer-campaign.”

You can learn more on the Future website. Here’s the homepage prayer:

Loving God,

Jesus urged us to pray
for workers for the harvest.
Through the intercession
of Saint Willibrord, patron saint
of our diocese, we ask you:
call young people to follow Jesus
as a priest, a deacon or in
consacrated life.

Through your Holy Spirit,
grant them the strength
to answer their calling.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


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