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Father and Family

My DadLast Sunday was Father’s Day but I couldn’t visit my Dad. However, my brother did and delivered a present from us kids (new GPS). So I got a photo during the week.

I’m very proud of my father and wanted to take this opportunity to say so. He has helped shape me into the person I am today more than he’ll ever know. I’m sure there have been plenty of times when I didn’t want to admit it too. I love him and miss getting to see him although my job has allowed me to visit at least once a year usually. Hopefully I’ll get to do so again later this year since my wife and I got to visit in April.

Me and my girlsSo, speaking of Father’s Day. Here’s me with my three daughters. They were all here for supper and we had a good time.

Like with my Dad, I don’t say how much I love them often enough. I’m very proud of them. Of course, you’ve met Chelsea since she writes here with me. My other daughters Carly and Caitlin are wonderful young women too who are pursuing career ideas right now of their own.

BTW. Chelsea is off to Catholic Familyland for their Family Fest right now where she’ll be speaking. You can follow her on Twitter and her blog.

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