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Catholic Climate Covenant?

Here’s some more ignorance gone to seed as a good friend of mine like to put it. This group, Catholic Climate Covenant, has bought into the notion that man is creating climate change on such a vast scale that the poor people of the world are being “hit hardest.” Their slogan, “What’s Under Your Carbon Footprint?” is a sick joke. This full page ad in Our Sunday Visitor shows a dark colored foot print showing a couple of supposedly poor African? people. So they’re resorting to emotional images to try to get you to feel sorry and donate. I say don’t on the donate thing.

They’re also making liberal use of quotes from our Pope and St. Francis. I find that disturbing. I’m all for the responsible use of our natural resources but there’s too much evidence that scientists are in wide disagreement on this issue. In fact, there’s ample evidence that instead of global warming, the opposite is true.

Nothing I’m saying suggest we shouldn’t support the poor. But we have plenty of opportunities and avenues to do that. This shouldn’t be one of them.

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