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National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe

National Shrine of Mary Queen of the UniverseThis past week I was in Orlando, FL and got to attend Mass at the National Shrine of Mary, Queen of the Universe.

This is a picture of the altar from when you first walk through the front entrance doors. There is a chapel directly behind the altar where they have daily Eucharistic Adoration. Here’s some description from the website:

A 2,000 seat Shrine Church adorned with inspirational stained-glass windows, depicting the story of God’s love for man, and Mary’s place in God’s plan for salvation. The Shrine’s fourteen aisle windows are entitled “The Magnificat Windows.”

The Shrine’s defining representation of Mary, Queen of the Universe. A project long delayed as the sculptor, Jill Burkee combed the great quarries of Carrara, Italy for a block of rare, pure white marble, the completed 8-foot work stands on a marble base and encloses the names of some 3,300 Shrine Associates.

Within the Church, a specially designed Blessed Sacrament Chapel enables worshippers to spend time in communion with the Lord.

The Outdoor Chapel, featuring a magnificent bronze sculpture of the Mother and Child, created by renowned artist Jerzy Kenar.

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