Sanctification in Daily Work
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EarlyChristians.orgAngelo Porciuncula is a Filipino student at the University of Navarre in Spain. He has set up a great website ( for young people about the life of Jesus Christ’s early followers. There’s an interview with him on the Opus Dei website. Here’s an excerpt:

How did the idea of making a web page about the early Christians come about?

In the first place, we did it because there wasn’t any web page of its kind anywhere. Well at least none that we knew of. There are approximately 4,500 new Internet websites created daily. We thought it important to bring the way of life of the early Christians closer to the people of today, especially the youth.

Catholics can consider this web page as a family album. It is designed in such a way that anyone interested can learn about the life of the early Christians and later tell their friends about it. St. Josemaria always encouraged people to imitate the life of the early Christians, who with the example of their ordinary lives were able to change the world. Moreover, we want to echo the catechesis of Pope Benedict, who devotes his Wednesday audiences to the principal figures of early Christianity.

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