Sanctification in Daily Work
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Adult Catechesis Online!

A few months ago our associate pastor and the principal of our parish grade school (who is a part time apologist) started a Sunday night adult faith formation. They have been recording each talk and now 1-7 are available online!

It is so wonderful to see our priest and principal take such an interest in the spiritual formation of those in our parish. As the new principal of our Catholic grade school, Mr. Allen wants to encourage parents to deepen their own knowledge of the faith (which they seriously lack) in order for them to extend their children’s Catholic education outside of school and into the home so that they are better prepared to live out their faith in their daily lives. They’re also reaching out to non-Catholics who might want a better understanding of some Catholic Church teaching. The last three talks of this session will be advertised in our local newspaper. Along with the classes and the audio online, they are making the talks available on CD.

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