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PETA Strikes Again

This time they set their sights on the Trappist monks at Mepkin Abbey in South Carolina. These peaceful monks used to sell chicken eggs to help with the financial support of their community. I say used to because, after an undercover “investigation” into their chicken business, PETA determined that the animals were being treated cruelly and living under conditions that the organization described as “hell on earth”. They even used the words of the monks’ own Pope against them. Now the monks have decided to permanently suspend the egg operation which has been active for over 50 years and accounted for 60 percent of their earned income.

Now, PETA is not known for its decency, but this is particularly outrageous. As Dad said on AgWired:

Way to go PETA bullies. Pick on a group of peaceful monks who I’m sure are praying for your souls and have already forgiven you for your persecution.

Needless to say, the monks are looking for a new industry to help them meet their daily expenses. If you can thank of any, or want to help them out financially yourself, visit the Mepkin Abbey website to find out how you can contact them.

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