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March For Life Day in DC

March For LifeIt’s March For Life day in Washington, DC. Judging from the looks of the people I’ve seen on EWTN which is doing live coverage, it’s pretty cold there. That doesn’t deter these people. We’ve got quite a few, including high school students, from our area there.

In case you haven’t visited it, there is a March For Life website.

I listened to some of the prolife politicians talk on a lunch break. While it’s sad that we can’t have laws in our society that protect life from conception to natural death it’s also inspiring to see how many people are willing to work so hard to try to create a culture of life here in our country. That Supreme Court decision 35 years ago is one of the worst ever made and those who have a reckless disregard for the life of others revel in it still.

I remember when I got more involved in prolife activities when I went to work for the Vitae Caring Foundation (not working there now). The founder, Carl Landwehr told me that if you think about what has happened and is happening every day you can literally go crazy. It’s hard to believe how many babies have been killed in this country. The number is staggering. I hope and pray every day that there will be an end to abortion. We need a change of hearts though. Many times I’ve said that if our hearts and our culture respected life and people didn’t have abortions, the laws would become irrelevant.

But they do need to be changed.

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