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“Catholic Media Review”

Jean, at Catholic Fire, alerted me this week that she will be contributing to the new blog, Catholic Media Review, along with Leticia at causa nostrae laetitiae and Cause of Our Joy , Julie at Happy Catholic, Christine at The World IMHO. It is a response to the recent outrage about the reviews of Harry Forbes of the USCCB Office of Film and Broadcasting for giving positive reviews to Golden Compass and Brokeback Mountain:

We will do our best to examine each film in the light of Catholic teaching and to warn parents about films that will present a danger to our youth. We also want to encourage people to see those films which we believe will have a positive impact on our society…Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we as Catholic Christians could make an major impact on the type of films that come out? We have this power simply by purchasing tickets to those films that are of excellent quality. You can count on us to keep you informed.

It’s hard to find good, Catholic reviews that take into account everything that we should be concerned about. Check them out.

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