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The Train Wreck That is Britney Spears

nullShe has been making quite a name for herself lately, in not so flattering ways. Now she’s jumping on the Catholic mockery bandwagon with religious themed photos in a booklet for her new album. The photos involve a scantily clad Brit, wearing a rosary, in suggestive positions with a “priest” in a confessional.

Her particular form of Catholic mockery is in the same style of fellow recording artist, with whom she shared a very famous lip lock at the VMAs, Madonna. Madonna is famous for using Catholic imagery in very irreverent ways, such as her 1989 video for “Like a Prayer” in which she danced amid burning crosses, developed a stigmata and made love to St. Martin de Porres. More recently, Madonna came under fire for a mock crucifixion during one of her concerts.

The Catholic League’s director of communications, Kiera McCaffrey told MTV News that they consider the photos a

“cheap publicity stunt that is a way to get people to talk about Britney Spears’ album without talking about her music, which is what they should be focusing on. All we see is how troubled this girl is now, especially with her family, losing her kids, with her career on a downward slide. And now she’s put out this album and this is her tactic to promote it? She should be focusing on singing and dancing and trying to be an entertainer without mocking a Catholic sacrament.”

What she should be focusing on is getting serious about her own faith (instead of mocking other people’s), straightening up her life and taking care of her kids, whom she is in danger of losing custody of all together. Early reviews give this album Britney’s highest ratings yet and some predict it will knock Springsteen of the top of the charts. But what is that worth if she loses her children, and her soul, in the meantime. It has been said that one of her idols is the late Marilyn Monroe, and, from the looks of it, she is running hard and fast toward the same tragic end. Mocking the sacredness of the confessional will not help matters. This woman, and her young children, needs prayers, and lots of them.

H/T: Pro Ecclesia

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