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Get Out Your Rosaries

We just got some disappointing news concerning our efforts against human cloning in Missouri. The Secretary of State, yesterday, approved the ballot language for a constitutional amendment to ban human cloning submitted by the Missouri Coalition for Cures Without Cloning. The language completely misrepresents the intention of the amendment and is unacceptable, falsely claiming that the amendment will

repeal the current ban on human cloning or attempted cloning and to limit Missouri patients’ access to stem cell research, therapies and cures approved by voters in November 2006

Meanwhile the actual amendment says nothing about repealing anything, but only seeks to accurately define and prohibit the creation of human embryos from the one-cell stage onward. The language approved by the SOS is just a bunch of pro-cloning talking points designed, no doubt, to discourage us from moving forward with this cloning ban. I don’t know what we’re going to do about it, but there is no way we can go to voters with this awful language. After all, who would want to sign a petition for an amendment with this name:

Constitutional Amendment to Add Article III, Section 38(e), Relating to Limiting Stem Cell Research, 2008-014

Perhaps it’s time to renew the Rosary Crusade to Safeguard Embryonic Human Life which was started last year by the archdiocese of St. Louis to defeat Amendment 2. It looks like we will be facing an even tougher battle than we did last year.

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