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Dumbledore and Homosexuality

nullSee my post on Reflections of a Paralytic about the JK Rowling’s “outing” of Professor Albus Dumbledore: To Rowling’s Credit:

Keeping in mind the fact that this is a fictional character and, the way the story is written, one does not have to believe that Dumbledore is gay, despite the author’s intention (in literature there are multiple viewpoints or interpretations, two of which are the author’s and the reader’s and they don’t have to match) – think about this. If he was actually homosexual, as Rowling has now told us, it is not impossible for us to interpret in the novels that, after never fully recovering from a decades (centuries?) old heartbreak, he had been living a chaste and even virtuous life – protecting students from, and helping Harry to defeat the forces of darkness.

Read more on how this can relate to how Catholic’s encourage those with serious homosexual attractions to live out their Christian vocation.

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