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Thank You St. Raphael!

I’ve been a little out of the pro-life loop lately it seems because I’ve been car shopping for probably the last month and a half. I finally narrowed all my options down and really picked a car a few weeks ago, but didn’t really suck it up and seriously go after the car I wanted until last week. My mother and I drove to St. Louis last Thursday to finally buy my car (I finally got my hand controls in it yesterday)! I have wanted a Solara since a good friend of mine, who is also in a wheelchair, got one a few years ago and I was able to find one, a 2006, within my budget! Here it is:

My car!

My spiritual director suggested that I pray to St. Raphael for guidance and intercession while I was looking for a car because he is the patron of travelers. This is due to his travels with Tobit in the Old Testament. So I did. I prayed very much because I did not want to make a bad decision. Buying a car is such a big deal! It’s a lot of money! I also wanted to make sure I wasn’t being too vain in my decision, especially since I was looking for what many consider a very nice car. So I prayed and prayed and was able to get the car I wanted at the price I wanted with relatively little hassle, well except for having to drive to St. Louis, for which I also owe my mother a very big thank you! God takes care of us when we do all things with prayer!

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