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Happy Mother’s Day!

Our LadyI want to wish all mothers, especially my own mother and my beautiful wife, a very happy Mother’s Day! And, of course, I can’t leave out the Mother of God and our own very Blessed Mother.

Mary, our mother, the Queen of all mothers, we love you! Pray for us!

Heavenly Father, You have been pleased to give all human beings the joy of having a mother, one who works with You to give them life and bring them to human adulthood.

You have given followers of your Son the added joy of a Christian mother, who works with You to give supernatural life to a child and to bring up that child to Christian adulthood.

Over the centuries there have been countless such mothers—heroic, courageous, loving, dedicated, and unconquerable. They have given us the Christian Ages and Christian Saints and in the final analysis the Christian Faith. Without them, there would be no Church, no religious vocation, and no Christian influence in the world. Most of these mothers are unsung in the eyes of the world; they must be content with little things: a smile, a thank you, and a token of remembrance.

In your eyes, however, they are of inestimable worth. Your Word in the Bible uses a mother’s love to describe your overwhelming love for your people, and Jesus uses the image of a mother bird to indicate his love for his people. Most of all, when He wants to convey an idea of the joy of those in heaven, He does so by using the image of a mother’s pure joy in bringing a child into the world.

Dear Lord, let me honor my mother if she is living and remember her in prayer if she is dead. Pour down your grace on her and on all mothers on this day dedicated to them.


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