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Pres. Candidate Seeks Holiness in Daily Life

brownback.jpgPresidential hopeful, Senator Sam Brownback, is a rarity as far as presidential candidates are concerned. A devout Catholic, he constantly strives to sanctify his daily life. One of the ways he does this is by keeping a quote from Mother Teresa on the back door of his home about not judging people:

“So easy to judge people,” he says. “I see you coming in the hallway and my mind just automatically goes, ‘Okay, reporter, Washington Post, that’s a primarily liberal publication, be careful.’ Well, now I’ve automatically judged you. So I’ve spent my time judging you instead of thinking, ‘Oh, here’s a great person that I can interact with. I pray to love ’em.’ “

He frequently examines his soul for hate and then works to rid himself from its harmful effects. He even went so far as to apologize to Hillary Clinton for having once despised her and her husband. In the business of politics it is easy to have ill feelings for those with whom you are in disagreement, especially in a heated debate. For these situations Sen. Brownback practices prayer:

“Instead of getting angry at somebody for opposing you on something, you’re just praying for them,” he says. “You just pray blessings on them, blessings on their family.”

In addition to striving for sanctity, the Senator is committed to promoting a culture of life. Recently he was the only presidential Candidate in the Senate to vote against a bill to increase funding for embryonic stem cell research and even lead the floor debate in opposition to it. During the 2004 Republican convention he said, “We must win this culture war. I say we fight.”

So now the Kansas Senator is seeking the office of Presidency and he does so with a humble abandonment to the will of God, “If I win, I win. If I lose, I lose. It’s a great liberation”

Though not an Opus Dei cooperater himself, Sam Brownback, a lifelong Protestant, was welcomed into the Catholic Church four years ago by Fr. John McCloskey, a priest of the prelature.

Source: Faith Based Initiative from the Washington Post

One Response to “Pres. Candidate Seeks Holiness in Daily Life”

  1. April 23rd, 2007 | 9:47 am

    Catholics need to come together and rally around Senator Brownback. He is the most authentically Catholic presidential candidate we have ever seen. The least all good Catholics can do is contribute to his campaign at