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Church Using New Media

I subscribe to Our Sunday Visitor which has an interesting article in the latest edition titled, “Cardinals embracing new media to spread Gospel” “Podcasts, satellite radio among the latest venues where Church leaders share their message” You can find it online here although you need to register to see it.

In it the article talks about how the internet is being used by cardinals and bishops as a way to reach people in a very personal way through mechanisms like this one (blogs, podcasts, etc.). This makes perfect sense to me as we’ve seen the way people consume information change so rapidly in recent years. This first iPod was only introduced in 2001!

Of course they mention Cardinal Sean O’Malley, Boston. You can find him online here. And don’t forget his podcast, the CardinalCast.

The article also mentions the fact that the New York diocese is working with Sirius Satellite Radio on a Catholic channel of programming.

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