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I Wish Catholics Were Prolife

Catholics Against ClaireThings are sure heating up here in Missouri this election year. We’ve got a supposedly tight race for Senator with incumbent, Senator Jim Talent who has to run against this lady. I think we need to pray for both of them. Jim’s a good prolife legislator who I know personally and think highly of. Claire, well, let’s just pray for her.

Unfortunately Claire, who is supposed to be Catholic and a member of my parish here in Jefferson City, MO is very pro-death. I don’t know how people like that resolve that conflict in their minds. It’s sad really.

One Response to “I Wish Catholics Were Prolife”

  1. Patrick
    October 7th, 2006 | 12:35 pm

    Interestingly, Claire is also a parishioner at the church closest to me, St. Gerard Magella in Kirkwood. I wonder whether she is registered to vote in both places.