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So Much Food, So Little Time

It’s fast and abstain day, the beginning of Lent. I was very happy to get a phone call from one of my college daughters who was checking in to double check on this. Good going babe.

I’m waiting on a flight in Dallas, heading to Anaheim and decided to have a slice of cheese pizza. As I was perusing the food offerings it just struck me again how blessed we are in this country with such an abundance of food. In fact, an over-abundance even. We hear and read so much about people with health and weight problems and I think a lot of it can be attributed to a food supply that’s so accessible. We’re almost never more than about 5 minutes from food somewhere, of some kind. The temptations supplied by the packaging and convenience of it all are extremely difficult to handle.

That just makes doing a true fast today and abstaining from meat that much more beneficial I think. So I encourage you. I’m trying and it’s not going to be easy since I have a corporate dinner tonight that I’m sure is not sensitive to the Catholics who will be attending.

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