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A Reminder That Life Is Short

Me Interviewing Paul DanaToday I was reminded how fleeting life can be. Indy race car driver Paul Dana died from injuries he received in a pre-race warmup before the Toyota Indy 300 in Homestead, FL. He died before the race and they still ran the race. I find that pretty insensitive to say the least.

This hits home because I had just interviewed Paul by phone yesterday afternoon for my company’s website, Domestic Fuel. As it turns out that was Paul’s last media interview. I can’t express my sadness that a young life had to end this way but as I’ve learned in so many ways, there is a reason and we may not ever know it.

I pray for Paul, his family, friends and teammates. He will be missed. The picture is me interviewing Paul at last year’s Indy 500 race when he was recovering from injuries earlier in the season.

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