Sanctification in Daily Work
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Persecution by the Media

Is it just me or do you feel persecuted by the media? I’m speaking in general here of course about what I refer to as the mainstream media (msm). ESPN, CBS, etc. You may wonder what I mean by mentioning ESPN. I will watch it for a game I want to see but it’s unbelievable what a bunch of junk is on there a lot of other times. I work out at the YMCA and it’s usually on a couple of the tv screens. Lately it seems like it’s just one story after another about some poor multi-million dollar athlete who’s in trouble. I don’t see any outrage from the reporters though. Most of them seem to only care about how they play and not about their conduct. They make excuses for them and want us to pity them for the troubled childhoods they’re escaping from.

At today’s Mass Father talked about the persecution of early Christians and how that came from many sources including even family. Well, after having to see stuff like on ESPN or all the other junk that’s being pushed through the media and on the internet I’d have to add what I can only call “the persecution by the media.”

What do you think?

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