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Opus Dei Correcting Mis-representation

I had coffee this afternoon with a good friend from St. Louis who was in town. John lives at the Wespine Study Center. I’d point you to their website but they really don’t have one, just a domain with their address on it. Hey guys, I’ll help you set one up.

He said he’d be sending me some ideas for content here. We’ll see what happens. I’ll be going on retreat at the end of March and John will be the “leader.”

On another note, as I was Googling for Opus Dei I noticed a number of stories about the personal prelature and the upcoming release of the movie version of the “Da Vinci Code.” Like this one in the Delaware News Journal. Here’s an excerpt:

But now the low-profile spiritual community is starting a drive to improve its image ahead of a major film based on the book — and that campaign begins at the group’s front door, where a sign invites fans of the Dan Brown novel to learn about “the real Opus Dei.”

“The unfortunate thing is there are going to be tens of millions of people who will read the novel and see the movie and have that be their only exposure to Opus Dei,” said Brian Finnerty, a spokesman for the group. “Because the book is marketed as being in some ways factual, it’s difficult for people to tell where the lines between fact and fiction are.”

I haven’t read the book. Don’t have any interest in doing so. And I certainly don’t want to see the movie. Sorry Tom (Hanks).

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