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Christmas Polluted By Consumerism

The title is a quote from Pope Benedict at his Sunday blessing. The story is in USA Today. He also “suggested that assembling the Nativity scene in the home is an effective way of teaching the faith to children.”

I really couldn’t agree more. It seems like we get all stressed out by having to purchase things for a whole list of people and in the process we forget to spend time meditating on what this season is all about. Of course we could pray as we stand in line at the store or wander through the mall but even if we wanted to it’s almost impossible with all the noise and sights that you have to contend with.

I was really appalled this afternoon while working out at the YMCA to see a tv ad for a video game called “Gun.” As I recall it posted words with flashing images like sin, lust, etc. and then said that there was nothing wrong with them. Of course it had a mature rating. As if that prevents it from being seen or played by kids. Even adults shouldn’t be messing with this stuff. And this was an ad on tv at about 3pm on a Sunday.

Yes, consumerism has polluted the true meaning of Advent and Christmas.

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