Sanctification in Daily Work
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Thanking God For Tribulations

It’s been an interesting last couple weeks. After travelling for over a week and then dealing with a bad flu bug I’m kind of behind again on some website work like this one. To top it off, today as I was going to sit down and write the server for PathToHoliness wasn’t working. But it’s back up now.

I’d call it a nice little challenge and mortification from God. It’s getting easier to thank Him for these opportunities. It takes a while to understand that when things aren’t going well we’re actually receiving more blessings than ever!

Today we had our mid-Missouri Circle meeting of Opus Dei Cooperators. I needed it. It’s nice to spend an hour in meditation on a spiritual talk and with a group of guys who are so dedicated to their faith. I pray for the Work everyday because we need to be leaven in our society.

I’ll try to post more but I just wanted to get these thoughts down now.

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